Defining our core values

We had a great meeting this week to create a roadmap for the year ahead. We outlined some ambitious goals and made a plan to achieve them.

We also talked about how we will expand the team when the work grows beyond our capacity to manage it all, and how we will know what kind of people will be right for our team. As part of that conversation, we defined our core values.

As a company and as individuals, we value:

  • Autonomy and accountability
  • Efficiency
  • Growth
  • Service and impact

Autonomy and accountability

We each understand what our role is and what our responsibilities are. We are accountable for getting the job done with direction from our supervisors, but without hand-holding and micro-managing. We are self-starters and go-getters.


We find ways to maximize the value of our time and effort so we can achieve more. We help our customers do the same.


We value teaching and learning. We are lifelong learners who know we all have something to teach each other, as well as room to grow.

Service and impact

We care about serving our customers, our community, and each other. We are driven by the desire to make a positive impact wherever we can.

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